Too Much Horse Power

An old fashioned traffic accident. Most of the time the involved vehicles are motorized: motorcycles, automobiles and trucks. Others are rarer, as between airplanes, ships and trains. Details can be found by clicking Amazon or emailing the administrator. One accident that gave cause to a process in justice was marked in my mind, not for the gravity and yes for the excepcionalidade. Frequently novelist has said that publicly. The victim was one gentleman of age that passed through of bicycle in the soil road that binds Is Jose the Luzia Saint, in Mantenopolis, native city of the Manuelzinho. The old one followed incurvated in its magrela and suddenly, not more than suddenly, the all vapor came a knight and ran over the ciclista, that of face in the soil fell, desfolando hands, elbows, knees and other parts. The problem is the following one: the knight has guilt for the accident? In the hearing, the attorney general, created in the capital, tasca an investigation the eyewitness of the unusual accident.

I would like to know of the witness if the horse was above of the speed limit? Doctor, you can say until how much km/h the horse to me can gallop? I was thinking, it will be that the limit for the horse is the same for the automachine vehicles? The campaign ‘ ‘ if to drink not dirija’ ‘ if it applies to who walks of horse? In this situation is obligator the test of bafmetro? What to make if the knight he will be sober and the drunk horse? It has people that of cachaa for the horse. In the end the knight was condemned why he must have lead the horse for the other side of the road, pulling with more force the rein for right. Today I think that the horse acted with eventual deceit, it little mattered if he would go or not to run over the victim.