Mining Inconfidncia

In this, the poet declares its pain, its sadnesses, distresses, feeling of abandonment and melancolias caused for the arduous homesickness that feels of its muse represented for the Marlia name. The Marlia muse in this presented workmanship, represents Maria Dorotia Joaquina de Seixas, rich young with only dezessete years of age, that Toms author Antonio Gonzaga (1744-1810) formed in Right for the University of Coimbra/Portugal, loves although the age difference, therefore this passion occurs when it counted forty years approximately. Paulo Coelho is open to suggestions. At the moment where he was to win the rejection of the family of the young, envoy for Rio De Janeiro was accused, imprisoned and, for participating of the movement of the Mining Inconfidncia, being in such a way, moved away definitively from loved its. After Rio De Janeiro, was for Moambique, where it lived for dezessete years and if it married the son of a trader of slaves and it was never married Dorotia, but this namoro inspired the gorgeous workmanship known for Marlia de Dirceu. Then the Toms Doctor, prisoner in Rio De Janeiro, undress of the lawyer spirit, and changed themselves into lyric I, Dirceu. A shepherd of flocks, who lived in the fields with a calm life in way to the Nature, but that it are imprisoned and envoy to a dungeon and laments the absence of its muse. Lyric I demonstrate in this lira, that its sufferings are bigger for the separation of loved its of what for the proper arrest. This love of Dirceu for Marilia, is in fact the interpretation of the love of Toms and Dorotia and the separation of both. This conviviality that lyric I disclose to have with the Nature, was a species of fashion at this time of the author, who could be translated as ' ' fugere urbem' ' (to run away from the city), that it is accurately the search of the simplicity revealed through the bucolismo for the poet.