Tricks Merchants Selecting

Choose wardrobe quite a challenge, because this furniture should last for many years. Here are some tips for those who want to in the near future to buy a wardrobe. First you need to decide on the spot where it will be a wardrobe, and already this will be clear what it will be in size. It is also important to expect some price. Now on cabinets of the same size there is a fairly large variation in prices. They depend on the material producer and manufacturer. Cabinet will determine the price 70% quality and durability, as well as the presence or absence of harm to health. Because the only way to reduce the cost, is the use of low-grade goods.

When you select a company – the manufacturer must pay attention again, first and foremost on price, and compare similar products from other stores. Sometimes, when the first conversation may hold back money for the installation, delivery, rise to the floor and so on, which is nearly twenty percent of the total order value. Also, the price may be said at the cabinet with minimal content, that is, without mirrors and additional options. Of course, such a cabinet can be and do, but now use it will be problematic, however, likely to an offer for an additional fee to bring the cabinet to the desired state. When you select a company, you should pay attention to the presence of the main office, because if it does not will be, and nobody will claim to provide. Also, a lot say it's location, whether it is a prestigious area, or an abandoned suburb.

Refine and settlement rate firms, very often the price is indicated in arbitrary units, and payment for goods is greater than the amount planned. After the price, you need to move on to the details. If a firm has its own production, then specify what edge detail than particleboard, if she Flush or invoice, then better to abandon such a product, it says the low level of production equipment, virtually all proven producers have shifted to a more precise machine tool application material. Pay attention to what used edge – PVC or melamine. PVC will last a long time, and reliability will be different. Learn thick chipboard panels of which will be made, all of the cabinet are designed for a depth of 10millimetrov, and in Russia are no ADI produced. Therefore, many manufacturers simply milled domestic materials under a groove, and insert it into the front door. None of the systems do not serve because of this, more than three years, because the weight of the door will exceed the limits of 1, 5 times, and even more. Pay attention to the number of specialists zamerschik in the firm. If there are more than five, it says a serious approach to the coordination of services. In any case, the choice should be based also on the feedback of visitors firms Now the vast global network, you can find almost any information or share it. Choosing cabinets – coupe, remember that they should last for many years, be clean and safe to use.