Backup Online

Backup online and the storage in the safer cloud is every day and they are becoming essential. It is known that the benefits of software saas and cloud computing (or computation in the cloud) are numerous, but you know if it really interests to you? The reality is that the world of computer science and technology goes towards the Cloud Computing, so that the client only pays reason why she needs and she forgets updates, since these become of automatic way. The implantation of software is immediate and it will only need a navigator and connection to Internet. The companies are executing all type of applications in the Cloud, from Software of enterprise management CRM, Software ERP accounting, Service online of business intelligence I SAW, Software de Captura de Datos in Plant, Application online of mobility that allows that the technicians of the SAT, Administration of properties, etc. Every day appear new the Software Saas on Backup and Almacenamiento, like for example: With Backups Carbonite online it limitlessly makes its backups of way simple, safe. The backup is realised of automatic form in its PC or Mac. Prubelo without risk during 15 days. IDrive is an intuitive Interface that will facilitate the selection of the archives and folders to him for the activities of restoration and remote backups. Thanks to FilesOverMiles it will be able to send the files that directly wish other users (P2P) using their navigator.