Valadares Governor

Creumir War the GREAT CHANGES OF the LAST YEARS the great majority of the users of the social nets in recent years did not testify the great change in the medias. My father was born in the year of 1942 and at that time my paternal grandmothers walked 05 km to hear programming in the radio of a friend. The radio was an enormous box and functioned with stacks that measured 20 cm of length. The pantry of the 1970 world was attended in a black and white television installed in a public area of the city where I was born. The people leave its houses and went to attend the games in the only television of the city.

In my adolescence she was common the families not to possess the television set, was luxury article. The skill was to see the novel or the soccer in the house of visinho rich or for the window of some house. The radios caught the signals of short waves and average waves and radio FM alone existed in great cities. People went up the mounts with antennas to try to catch the signals of radios FM Imparson and For a Better World, both of Valadares Governor. My generation saw to be born colorful television. My Reinaldo, fellow worker Menezes, was one of the first ones to buy the coveted TV in colors and us we made excursion to its house to see those images wonderful. In that place where we only worked they existed you scheme to type. The first one only schemes electric I used much later, when already it was in the public service.

The computer was another thing that my generation saw to appear. The fact to only have a text publisher was an enormous profit. Floppy, that many young nor it knows what it is, it was great, it measured ones 15cmx15cm, with capacity of 04MB. The skill to have music without buying age recording those that touched in the radios in ribbons Cassete. Radiola of my father could be programmed to touch up to ten vinyl records. The gizmo was mechanic, the arm that had the needle came back to the rest place and the next record falls. I already was adult when the fixed telephone arrived my city and cost carssimo. The fixed telephone for my office of law cost three a thousand dollar. The device of FAX for me was one miracle, to pass a leaf for the device and a copy of it if to materialize in any place of the world. My first cellular one was a tijolo and it does not make much time, worked as attorney general in Colatina I acquired when it. It does not have ten years that I knew the Internet, functioned on the telephonic line. It only used for email. To open a page took an eternity. The broad band is a beauty, does not only exist here in house. Today, the computers, notebooks, cellular, tocadores of music are unbalanced with less of one year. Pen drive appeared with 128 MB. In it I only deal if vende currently of 4Gb, 8Gb, 16 Gb and 32 Gb. The external memories already had passed of the house of tera 1.000Gb. If the life starts to the 40 years, I still am a child and lived all the changes above told. Where we go to stop?