It does not have, therefore a solution for these impasses in the communication. In the modern world the communication form moved total, the electronic interaction reduced the personal communication radically face the face. We are the all moment being white of new electronic technologies, that come remodelling the communication forms, not needing more than the sender is present in the environment, being able to transmit its message through some medias, as fax, Internet, telephone, videoconferncia, etc., thus reducing the barriers in the exchange of information through the new technologies of information and communication. The communication occurs the all moment, the extraordinary human progress and technological they represent the wakening for the necessity to review old concepts, analyzing and potencializando the interpersonal communication and relations. We must consider the ethics, as main pillar of respect and organization in the relationship with the user, searching a balance satisfactory and efficient so that our message while agent social equity and attorney general for the using society of the services either caught and understood without imperfections or noises well, so that thus the work for us constructed either accomplished with satisfaction and effectiveness. 3 FINAL CONSIDERAES the interpersonal communication occur the all moment and most important in the process to communicate it is to know to hear to be able to interpret with exactness the content of the message of the sender.

A good social assistant must give and to receive feedback and nor always the communication is an ability cream, has then that to train themselves. The communication is for the professional of social service as a tactile and available tool so that the offered public goods and services and of right of all citizen, so that they arrive until same without interruptions or the imperfections. More than what to hear and to speak, the act to communicate becomes expression of the allotment, of the comprometimento of the social assistant with the users, thus this professional must to demonstrate to interest when hearing and consideration to speech. The communication in the practical one of the social assistant consists in this way as form to help another person to reach its objectives in way more effective. In this meantime it has that one more time the social assistant to reflect on its position in this transmission of aggregate information of psychological and social value for construction of independent beings social, conscientious and transforming of the proper reality.