Vedic Energy

A good example of one of the chakras is the sun – this huge gathering chakra energy in the etheric world and send it to us. Black holes show the inverse operation of chakra. If a person develops without flaws, the chakras are working properly and the transition energies are without loss. If the damaged channels, there will be a constant flood of energy and their mixing with other streams of energy, which limits human life, suffering from what the soul and spirit. Man is born with different amounts included chakras.

It depends on the antiquity of the soul and its destiny. If the creature carries a great leap forward in its development, the additional chakras are connected, providing new opportunities for individual and giving him new strength. If the person is lazy and does not fulfill its mission, the chakras are suspended on the contrary, the body begins to age from a lack of energy and people just living out his life. When it reaches a lot of persons, additional devices can be installed on the chakras that enhance or some sharing of power, giving more opportunities to man. In some cases, the high spirits may be brought energy directly to the chakras of human achievements to the divine. So that idea to read and see the future, without a body to travel, do not sleep at all and the food not to eat, you must have a serviceable all 47 chakras. We eat, breathe, see, feel, think – it all collects and directs the energy from the dense body to the subtle bodies through the chakras, and then through the shell of the soul, with some of the energy goes into the system, from which it came to embody the soul.

The work of the chakras watch There are special, that we call a guardian angel. Our quality of life directly affects the quality of the collected energy. If a person smokes, drinks or eating poisonous food in the form of meat and different chemistry, it would soon most of the chakras, mostly astral and mental, is closed. The man in this case lives on a very low level of energy and opportunities. Sources: 'Revival of Vedic culture of the Slavs'