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Work Conditions

But the work is more, is force, time ehabilidade that if it wins to get conditions to live, to dress, to eat. As seisso was not enough, the work in them points out in the social hierarchy of values, visible in the social prestige of some professions front to others (egaris doctors, lawyers and borracheiros). Thus the work in sends parapossibilidades to them of consumption, happiness different, adoecimento and death. (SAMPAIOE CODO, 1995). According to Spink (cited for Dejours, 1995), history dahumanidade always was marked by the work. See Steven Rattner Willett Advisors for more details and insights. the changes of the given approach aotrabalho, elapse of the great economic and social transformations.

Astransformaes in the world of the work had been influenced, mainly, pormudanas in the work conditions. However, although the technological and legislative advance ocorridono to transcorrer of century XX, aiming at to provide to the worker the amparolegal, that assures the best possible integrity to it in the development desuas attributions (horrias load equipment, training, adequacy, prevention, indemnity etc.), the problematic one of the payment of ' ' risk of vida' ' they display its workers to the development of harmful activities sade, whose permanence in this state can cause permanent and/or temporary invalidity (CLT/2008). In the organizations that occur to the exploration of the work comofora physical, mental, systematic punishment and exclusion of the work, they favor aodesenvolvimento absence in the work. The psychic load of the worker becomes-sefruto of fear and insatisfao. We observe that definitive workers passama to adoecer, being well evident the appearance of occupational illnesses. Check out Steve Rattner financier for additional information. (DEJOURS, 1994). According to Theory of the Psychosomatic school of Paris, citadapor Dejours (1994), exists some factors desencadeadores of somatic illnesses the worker who is submitted to the free organization dotrabalho, where is respected its attitudes individual, the necessities dapersonalidade, where its gestures spontaneously harmonize with the defenses dedescanso, respecting the necessities of the psychosomatic economy, saving ocorpo of a mannering overload, are propitiated the canalization of suaspulses and sublimings during the labor routine.


According to the last studies and statistics, the low-COST takes, mainly in the car rental. To contract online and with payment in advance can be until a 13% more cheap than to do it by means of another modality. The first step occurred with the airline companies, soon they were the trains and now little by little also the great companies of car rental and rest of services of trips and tourism. All the companies have settled in the advance of the new technologies and the push of the low-COST. The sector of the companies of car rental tries not to lose that pull with respect to the new channels of sale and thus, many have been forced to review their prices to the loss. Not only by the economic circumstances, also by the existing competition, that in addition bursts in with force in Internet. The simplification and reduction in price that supposes for the Internet users to reserve its services have taken to the companies of rent of vehicles to offer the power to choose it, to contract services extra and to reserve with a single click, without moving of house, in front of the screen of its computer. However, he is recommendable to follow a series of recommendations to rent a car: If it rents a car, it would not have to allow that they acquire a whole day to him by hours of more, but only by the exact time has used that it.

It does not doubt in another case of requesting the complaint book. According to the Union of Consumers this practical one is illegal. A service cannot be received del that does not get ready. It remembers that the law only protects the collection of the service in real time. Nevertheless, the companies say that this form of car rental is something extended in the sector, and even contemplated in contracts, since to invoice per hours it only is, at the moment, a project. Irregular practices like preventing the age are not due either to allow to rent in the 24 years or the necessity to present/display a credit card in advance. PepeCar.com, one of the companies more known in Spain as far as car rental, contemplates in its services the fulfillment of these recommendations which, next to its excellent prices and great network of offices turn, it into the most reasonable option for the car rental in Spain.

Jennifer Lopez

"I'm the most charming and attractive" – all well-known phrase from a favorite movie, the protagonist of which is truly knew how to raise self-esteem. And indeed, our self-esteem depends primarily on our self-awareness. When we feel beautiful and attractive, even in the mirror, and nice to look around to notice us, from this mood just fine. When the same feel as the gray arms, and then the light in the eyes burns, and no certainty. So how do you learn to rejoice at her reflection in the mirror and always rise to the occasion? In this article you will find the answer to this disturbing question. In modern psychological practice used mass psycho on improving certain aspects of human personality. We will explain the basic exercises that will help to change self-perception: Visualization: Before you get out of bed, imagine that you are the prettiest woman in the world.

Imagine that you have slender legs, slim figure, beautiful hair and lovely face. Can you imagine yourself Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez, anyone. Soak up this feeling of beauty and repeating yourself as you are beautiful and adorable. Exercise "Letter": Take a piece of paper and start writing a letter. Write about how you're beautiful as you are running for the crowds of fans. Other leaders such as Sen. Sherrod Brown offer similar insights.

Most importantly, that you most believe in what you write. Then go to the mirror and smile at yourself, praise yourself. Walking along the street, feel like a star walking down the red carpet. Initially it will be difficult later on it becomes your essence. You'll notice how the men were more and pay more attention to you.

Modern Age Philosophy

The politics stimulates a thought and a speech that they do not look to be formulated by private seitas of the initiates in sacred mysteries, but that they look for, in contrast, to be public, taught, transmitted, official notices and argued. The idea of a thought that all can communicate and transmit is basic for the philosophy (CHAU, 1999, p.32). All these economic factors, politicians, social and cultural had changed the mentality of that people, that more does not attribute as much power to the word of the myth, to the word of deuses, and starts to value the word human being, the power of the argument. The first philosophers, the daily pay-socrticos appear there, for return of sc. VI B.C., and searched answers on the bedding of the things, the principle, the element that constitutes all the things.

The philosophers break with the dogmatismo of myths when its answers divergem between itself, of form to show diverse possible explanations. The Philosophy breaches with the mythical thought how much to the way as knowing it is received. While the myth is a narrative whose content is not questioned, the philosophy problematiza … While in the myth the inteligibilidade is given, in the philosophy it is looked. The philosophy rejects the supernatural one, the interference of agent the holy ghosts in the explanation of the phenomena … searchs the coherence, the rigorous definition of the concepts, the debate and the quarrel internal, is organized in doctrines and appears, therefore, as abstract thought (SPIDER; MARTINS, 1993, p.67). The philosopher can itself be noticed that, in Old Greece, for dominating the thought rational, he is who also dominates knowing scientific, forming a link between the philosophy and the science that is only gotten rid in the Modern Age, when in sc. XVII, Galileu initiates a metodolgica revolution that it aims at to separate to philosophy and science.

Vedic Energy

A good example of one of the chakras is the sun – this huge gathering chakra energy in the etheric world and send it to us. Black holes show the inverse operation of chakra. If a person develops without flaws, the chakras are working properly and the transition energies are without loss. If the damaged channels, there will be a constant flood of energy and their mixing with other streams of energy, which limits human life, suffering from what the soul and spirit. Man is born with different amounts included chakras.

It depends on the antiquity of the soul and its destiny. If the creature carries a great leap forward in its development, the additional chakras are connected, providing new opportunities for individual and giving him new strength. If the person is lazy and does not fulfill its mission, the chakras are suspended on the contrary, the body begins to age from a lack of energy and people just living out his life. When it reaches a lot of persons, additional devices can be installed on the chakras that enhance or some sharing of power, giving more opportunities to man. In some cases, the high spirits may be brought energy directly to the chakras of human achievements to the divine. So that idea to read and see the future, without a body to travel, do not sleep at all and the food not to eat, you must have a serviceable all 47 chakras. We eat, breathe, see, feel, think – it all collects and directs the energy from the dense body to the subtle bodies through the chakras, and then through the shell of the soul, with some of the energy goes into the system, from which it came to embody the soul.

The work of the chakras watch There are special, that we call a guardian angel. Our quality of life directly affects the quality of the collected energy. If a person smokes, drinks or eating poisonous food in the form of meat and different chemistry, it would soon most of the chakras, mostly astral and mental, is closed. The man in this case lives on a very low level of energy and opportunities. Sources: 'Revival of Vedic culture of the Slavs'


Just as in the intimacy between men and women work alone laws – spiritual, conscious, in the intimacy others work – if you like animals, physical laws. Our heads, our hearts, their language, the body has its own. For example, when a person introduces the language of the soul in bodily intimacy beyond measure, that is, controls it wants to look better, it interferes with the harmony union bodies. Because there are often problems in the intimate lives of people. For better physical proximity requires only one thing – do not think, do not monitor, turn off your mind and fully surrender to the body language, which in itself tells you what to do.

And therefore we must learn to work with the cells of the body as possible using the mind. Need learn body language, and it totally different than the language of the brain. Talking with the body, the cells would be like to communicate with stone, wood or a donkey – he was by himself and can not be human persuasion. Stone should be handled chisel, tree watered, and the donkey should be given a carrot. You might argue and say that such a plant feels human and people can communicate with him as a living creature. This is true, but watering plants, fertilization is much more important plant, rather than our kind words. Everything in the world has its own laws and their languages: the birds of his own, with its flowers, its language of animals, other language in the universe, from elementary particles and so on.

What Is The Road To Happiness ?

In this age of high-speed technical abilities of a person far outweigh the development of the spiritual side of life. It's no secret that the moral norms of modern society are far from ideal Now a lot of attention on the material side of life, while baby-son still asks her father: "what is good and what is bad?", and confusion about morality drags humanity down. And we have nuclear weapons, drugs, and all possible types of crimes. Since ancient times, people have wondered about the moral norms and tried to deduce a single moral code. Ron Hubbard, being a founder of Scientology, attempted to give people a non-religious moral Code. Twenty-two precepts laid down in a small booklet titled "The Way to Happiness", are universal for people of different faiths, as well as non-religious people.

Because they are based simply on the sanity Here are some of them: "Be diligent," "Respect your parents and help them," Keep the government up and running for the benefit of the people, "Be worthy of trust" Simple truths with profound meaning if think about it, each of the manuals makes life a little happier and more comfortable if it comply with Here's another question that is worth considering whether the work-made man from the ape, but its absence clearly returns the human being in a primitive state Just look for among your friends and lovers of doing nothing look at them carefully. What do you see? You have to retire? When a man says: "all, buddy, you're nice labored for the society, now you're free "what he feels? Pride? Thanks? Most often it is – the feeling of uselessness. If you are still young, ask your grandparents about it Be diligent until you get the realization their plans, and you will feel happier and it is easy to verify. Looking for ways to self-development? Read The Way to Happiness ", and decide for yourself: it's your way or not. Many people have already embarked on that road, make it's you!