Warning Rasch Attorneys

Music industry leaves the alleged illegal exploitation of copyrighted music albums in file sharing networks massively against Exchange Exchange users before the Hamburg law firm urges Rasch currently on behalf of universal music GmbH. At the Universal Music GmbH it is the German subsidiary Universal Music Group, the world’s most powerful share music label. Various music albums from the Repertoire of universal music GmbH, including among other things A curious thing are subject to the cease and desist letters”by artist Amy MacDonald. “” The accusation: the corresponding files should dunned down connection owners illegally in part by Internet file sharing networks such as eMule “or eDonkey” be have been offered to other participants for worldwide download. Many users are not aware that due the functioning of these p2p networks a file at the same time provides other during downloading for downloading.

This behavior as accessible to the public “generally a violation of 19a UrhG represents. From the violation of this law makes Law firm quickly assert claims for damages and injunctive relief. The firm estimates the damages quickly it alone due to lost online sales to EUR 583,00. The lawyer cost to starting from a threshold of EUR 5,000 per single exposed title EUR 1.479,90 transfered. The interest of a friendly settlement submit a settlement offer over EUR 1,200, the Dunned down.

The claims for damages and reimbursement of legal costs to be compensated with this lump-sum payment. In addition, providing an enclosed punitive injunctive and Declaration of commitment is required. Although a cease and desist of the rights holder UrhG consists 97 in the case of a fact committed infringement. In the used formulation, however the Declaration represents a debt acknowledgement with far-reaching consequences of legal liability and far far beyond the fulfilment of statutory cease and desist claim. It is advisable therefore providing an amended Declaration, with which eliminated the risk and at the same time significantly reduces the risk of a renewed use. Also the required amounts can be reduced under certain circumstances. Get expert legal help in this matter. Here you will find general information on the subject of cease and desist letter. Lawyer Jorma Hein