What Happens In Osh ?

In Russia not many people that the events of recent months, taking place in the former Soviet republics – Kyrgyzstan – indifferent. Recent armed provocation in the city of Osh in the south-west of the country, giving rise numerous civilian casualties, forced the countries of the region more closely at what is happening there. Our reader Leo, like many others interested in caring question – who is behind the events in Osh, and in general for the April coup in Kyrgyzstan? In the most diverse variety of media experts has been identified many points of view on this issue. In this article, I will not engage in their analysis, and will express their point view on the basis of that publicly available information that can be easily found on the web. I'll start with the coup. To understand who is behind it, it is necessary to identify its main motif. His discovery will help the person Rosa Otunbayeva.

She a serious track record, in which special attention is drawn to the diplomatic service, Ambassador of the Republic to the United States, Canada, Great Britain. In addition, it is quite a long time worked as a special Representative of un Secretary-General to settle the Georgian- conflict and the Foreign Minister of Kyrgyzstan, and after the "Tulip Revolution>> 2005, led to the government of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, is using it briefly regained the post of foreign minister, though later her candidacy was rejected by the Kyrgyz parliament. It is obvious that, despite his opposition to the new government, Otunbayeva as fairly an experienced politician with multiple connections through diplomatic channels, was demanded by Bakiyev.