Just as in the intimacy between men and women work alone laws – spiritual, conscious, in the intimacy others work – if you like animals, physical laws. Our heads, our hearts, their language, the body has its own. For example, when a person introduces the language of the soul in bodily intimacy beyond measure, that is, controls it wants to look better, it interferes with the harmony union bodies. Because there are often problems in the intimate lives of people. For better physical proximity requires only one thing – do not think, do not monitor, turn off your mind and fully surrender to the body language, which in itself tells you what to do.

And therefore we must learn to work with the cells of the body as possible using the mind. Need learn body language, and it totally different than the language of the brain. Talking with the body, the cells would be like to communicate with stone, wood or a donkey – he was by himself and can not be human persuasion. Stone should be handled chisel, tree watered, and the donkey should be given a carrot. You might argue and say that such a plant feels human and people can communicate with him as a living creature. This is true, but watering plants, fertilization is much more important plant, rather than our kind words. Everything in the world has its own laws and their languages: the birds of his own, with its flowers, its language of animals, other language in the universe, from elementary particles and so on.