Fearful Attraction

Where is the difference between being cautious and being fearful?. For those who just beginning to encroach on the law of attraction, it will seem that they are synonymous, that because of the first readings that had, reasoning that the caution you're thinking about that echo you want to avoid, and As a result, instead of avoiding it will attract. That is, that is just beginning to study this subject will say: A negative thoughts attract negative, therefore there is no difference between being cautious and being fearful. But this does not do, though at first glance it seems. The difference is in the "emotion" that one gives to such situations. Being afraid we're not just thinking of that element or circumstance, but we're accompanying a "negative emotion." That is, the problem of attracting negative consequences, not so much on the fact of thinking specifically on them, but in the accompanying negative influence or shape. Therefore when one is being cautious, for example when driving in a car, and you look at both sides of the corner before crossing the intersection, will certainly have a lot less likely to crash, if it does so without looking and carefree. On the other hand which continuously manages to collide with the fear that invariably come when it crashed. Some also say: If one theory does not fearful thoughts never collide, even if there was cautious, is there any reason for that person driving carelessly and without paying proper attention, can come into conflict? And to that question would say yes.