Economy and Government

There are no guarantees for the majority of the people to revolt against an atropellador Government from human rights and vendor or stash of natural resources; as is this uncovering the conduct that had the Minister Pedro Pablo, who held the post in economy and which allowed him to establish contracts damaging for our State, but very juicy for transnationals. First before the brazen theft of whole sale of enterprises of the State, whose funds have gone into tax havens in Asia, to buenaventura of the children and descendants of the family of the Fujimori, continues with the gift of all natural resources to transnationals, that have very well rewarded by intermediaries, as it has been able to listen to in the scandalwhere an employee of this service such as Romulo Leon Alegria and partners were engaged to represent to the more grained dome aprista. Being rewarded with juicy economic privileges.And above all this that has made the judiciary? Absolutely nothing. That is the sad reality. More properly this dilating and already is this seeing that many traces of corruption aimed at Alan Gabriel and all their cronies is being erased. For the same Judicial power is putting his granite of gold to cover up the indefensible. The same applies for example to that Provincial Prosecutor who in an outburst of value I venture to file the complaint against the real culprits of the massacres of the curve of the devil in Bagua. Immediately has been shifted and cautioned she the same attorney.

Thereby we are giving to know where this entrenched corruption, does not respect anything. I think that this implies that restructuring must be accompanied by political struggle and ideological at the universities where the future judges that do form in the arrivismo and opportunism, the easy economic climb. It is that that is what has influenced the encystment in all faculties of law by aprismo, than the main virus of corruption, which arrives and corrupts everything what finds its way.Both the fujimorism, the aprismo and the far right are the plague of locusts that devastate what little dignity that can hold society. The question of what to do. It is the dilemma for now.