Academy Yemit

With my friends I have as it is obvious notable affinities. Why are my friends, among other reasons. And with all I am extremely indebted; they are friendship debts over time. I have some because they have tended the hand at the time when I most needed them; others because you supported me in the adventure of the shared dreams; others books that provided me and me took me to return or not I never back. With a good group of my friends I am infinitely grateful for some gesture, a detail or attention. Among these lies Rada Gamarra Wilmer attorney who made bridge so that this server could start a very good relationship of friendship with Yemit Parodi who the linked me the world of the Academy and the social service in favour of the community.

Yemit was one of those people who when they delusion of a project or initiative engaged him all his time, his energy, his affection and all possible efforts to bring them to a successful conclusion. In the University of La Guajira is recognized as the person who charted the extension Fonseca which took from his embryonic stage until turning it into one of the most important centers of intellectual development in the South of the Department. In their times of provincial director was always the first to arrive and the last to leave; the needs of the University absorbed to the point of surrender body and soul not only to his functions as head of the administration but as a permanent contributor of students who do not hesitated in providing its advice and give it the required support in that could meet their academic commitments. I’ve given to the task of finding out the aspect which most agree Yemit and gave me your answers in the midst of a State of mind in which nostalgia, excitement and sadness mixed with students and graduates from the University.