Acili Son Representatives

In day 20 of September, the National Congress would approve for 241 votes the favor against 145 against the reforms politics presented in June for the government. Although the pressures, paranaense senator Acili Son, of the Enclosure for bullfighting, the extinguishing of the figure of the elect senators presented an emendation considering for saw indirect, the calls ' ' binicos' ' , but it would be defeated by 178 the 131. In day 15 of October, the official plate commanded by general Joo Baptista de Oliveira Figueiredo and by its vice Aureliano Engineer Keys was elect for 355 votes against 226 data to the opposition represented for the plate of general Euler Bentes and Pablo Brossad, thus guaranteeing plus a presidential mandate for the group that, inside of the proper regimen, the politics of gradual distenso sponsored. In the following challenge faced by this politics it was to obtain majority of members of the house of representatives of its political party, the ENCLOSURE FOR BULLFIGHTING, in the elections of 15 of November for the renewal of the state legislatures, of the 1/3 and House of representatives of the Senate since another one 1/3 are elect indirectly, thus guaranteeing the majority governmetalist. Geisel intensely participated of the campaign of its political party, the Enclosure for bullfighting, obtaining to choose 15 senators and 228 representatives against 8 senators and 196 members of the house of representatives of the MDB, even so the opposition has looser in the total addition of votes for the Senate receiving 17 million and four hundred a thousand votes against 13 million and one hundred a thousand data to the Enclosure for bullfighting, remaining majoritria in main states of the country, but taking the elect vice-president, Aureliano Keys, to ask for so that to the government ' ' it did not cover the sun with peneira' ' , and it admitted the new correlation of forces in the National Congress. .