Cedar Park

The old inhabitants had been taken off of the place where they liked to live. people produced same there in the closed bush, and exactly thus he had much bush, now people sees much destruction for there. The power of the territory imposed conditions of use without arguing the property of daily making of the inhabitant of the park or the area of entorno. Surpreso, before seems better that now, to imagine that the memory of what it had daily pay-unit without the fines and the fiscalization was the freedom to think on the place to reflect on the routes of the place. The experience place is the community, its limits is the centennial abrangncia of the work? the daily action. The natural landscape is articulated with the space of the community, is also place of experiences and social transformations, experiences and affectivity? a prolongation of the house.

Therefore the park constitutes the space of the community while really an imposition of performance limits, more still of disruption with the relationship of the community with the place. If it cannot suggest that it does not have a human work without interference immediate on ecosystems of the area, but if it cannot dismiss the human work without calling this group destitute for plans the new arrangements of the environment. While the littoral communities present concrete motivations, so that if it can have changes in the estruturao and the ordinance of the environment, therefore its place come being modified independent of the existence of the park, in the communities in the interior in Vargem of the Cedar, Saint Maria and Orange grove the interviewed ones almost in its totality want to be in the place, accurately as it is. It is evident that it contributes for this the performance in the sales of hortifrutigranjeiros products for the Great Florianpolis. The beach, while local of existence, of living, pleasure and of work constitua in the look of the communities of the Pinheira and the Siri in the ideal place to survive, appears the park: the look withdraws.