Not discern the difference and a strong magnifying glass, but to work they will ways: first, the blade will easily shave, but quickly becomes blunt, the second blade to shave will not, but will work to dull for long. Deburring soft stones such as light oil shale are not suitable, it is better to use a diamond bars, ceramics, the last number of Arkansas, Norton. Once the burr is removed, the final finishing of slate and leather. Please note, that the sharpness of the edges depend on the quality and longevity of sharpening. It is therefore desirable after burr when sharpening blade (dropped) and take a piece of wood with leather, glued bahtarmoy (bottom) up, rub skin with goi paste and polish on it that edge. I want to say that many people mistakenly think that the sharpness of the blade is determined by the minimum angle of sharpening. In fact, a high-quality steels minimum angle of sharpening the cutting edge is 23 (according to the prospectus of the leading companies producing knives).

The fact that such angle edge when working best stores (keeps) the optimum sharpness. So do not try to sharpen the blade at a smaller angle. practical advice. As you know, universal knife does not exist. Therefore, the edge angle each blade depends on the purpose of the latter. If you are going with a kitchen knife to cut cheese, bread, sausage, and workers – are soft materials (leather, paper, wood, lime), the angles of sharpening these knives are minimal.