Experience in cases of large earthquakes in city, indicates that the disaster is directly proportional to the degree of readiness to face and that the role of prevention begins with the performance of a series of technical requirements that can and should be improved to evaluate the known and use the resources available to develop such knowledge from the viewpoint of scientific research. Knowledgeable in this area secured with good reason that the occurrence of an earthquake in the capital of Colombia, the facts will definitely have repercussions for socio-economic development not only of the affected region are the entire country because it is the center national political and economic. Risk maps and urban sprawl, especially in areas where human groups are based in the lower strata, show elevated risk factors with unpredictable consequences enormous impact on the political and social (AUGUST THE EARTHQUAKES .) 1-3 Social Impact Social Impact will now be one of the concerns of scientists in basic or natural areas, as well as social scientists. Get this impact emerging as a desired goal in all research projects or action. It should be noted that the effort to achieve this goal may prompt institutions to hasty action or cosmetic solutions. Urge the conclusion of ideas, a comprehensive and multidisciplinary study that by globalizing vision, integrated from the start, allowing the development of studies, research and appropriate solutions (GROUND SHOCK: 1897). Avoid studies of reduction natural disaster motivated by a thirst for knowledge is one of the specific factors, isolation and develop methodologies that lead to fragmented results, the implementation or success can be as effective or appropriate for a discipline and not a reduction target disaster.