Attorney Care

Discussion of the Christian Democrats for life (CDL) in Koblenz-boiler home on April 23, 2009 held a panel discussion on the topics of living will and medical health care proxy before nearly 50 listeners in Koblenz-boiler home. Both documents should help their desires for a dignified death of others to be implemented, if they themselves no longer is capable of. When the advance directive you sets in advance his ideas, at the health care proxy, however, you assigned a familiar person, representing all necessary decisions. After a brief introduction by Martin Raffauf, Chairman of the CDU-boiler home, Stefan Grieser-Schmitz, Chairman of the CDL-Koblenz, the moderation of the evening took over. At the beginning, Johannes Quednow, lawyer and Managing Director of the district doctor Chamber in Koblenz, the difference between living will, health care proxy and care power of Attorney presented.

This solved the fact, that the doctor-patient confidentiality principle, also compared to the closest Members is astonishment at the audience, from. Then it is not permitted the doctor, without consent of the patient with spouse or children about the disease to speak or vote medical measures. Therefore it is recommended the issuance of a health care proxy. Finally, explained Mr Quednow the three current draft legislation to regulate the advance directive, currently being discussed in the Bundestag. Following Mr Dr.

Ansgar Rieke, senior physician at the community hospital Kemper Court Koblenz, and Deputy Chairman of the local Ethics Committee, three concrete examples illustrated the thin line between a medically necessary treatment and an unnecessary extension of death. His speech also showed the history of severe illness and ultimately the death process is how little predictable, what considerably impeded the drafting of an applicable advance… Dr. Rieke concluded his presentation with the statement that thanks to the modern palliative medicine, contrary to the cross-country-belief, the vast majority of People can die without pain. Concludes Martin pointed Pietsch, Protestant pastor of the Kemper Court and Chairman of the Ethics Committee, the fact that disease, suffering and ultimately death are an immutable part of human life. He knows how to mitigate the modern medicine as a good gift of God, diseases to cure, suffering and dignity to the dying, sees also the other side that the medical options of death processes long can be stopped. He thinks medically advised to get more realistic to assess the consequences of individual decisions it for useful and helpful, when creating an advance directive. All speakers, that an advance directive is ultimately not ideal solution, and it is therefore all the more important to write a health care proxy and the relatives and friends in the own idea of how you want the end of his life, to include agreed.