Attorney General of Justice

The curiosity killed one face Taking care of to a special assignment of the attorney general of justice I was to make a jury in a small city of the region person from de state of espirito santo north. It was an old process where male defendant was fugitive and 1.hidden in the State of Rondnia, where he was imprisoned. I read the process to make the intent accusation and to the causes that had taken a good person to take off the life of its fellow creature. The victim was surprise handle when fusca with a hose washed its. The defendant arrived for backwards and made the detonations on the back of the disaffection, that nothing can make to defend, since its attention was come back toward the car that washed in the street. The defendant worked as barber in the city and days before the crime he had taken a beating that was imposed to it by the victim.

The barber counted that it was night and was giving ones walked to uncloud the head and suddenly he gave will to it to enter in the weeds to defecate. Of where he was underneath saw the car motionless of a tree. I propagate it exactly motionless made a movement: renque. .renque. .renque. The barber saw that a couple was in loving conclave and gave one watched. The man of the hall without wanting it left to escape what it had seen and in little time the entire city was knowing.

Victim, that was not flower that if smelled, was knowing that the barber was who was spreading for the city that it had taken a woman for the weeds. The face caught the cabelereiro of mount below and it gave socos to it, you cover, kicks and kicks, saying that it was to learn not to follow the others and to bisbilhotar what not of its account. Worse still she was not to be with the language inside of the mouth. The cutting youngster of hair left with fua swelled. If it was not enough, in the other day the defamed man it passed in the barber’s shop and it asked if the face of the barber had reduced a swelling, therefore the hand of it not. At that moment the valeto signed its sentence of death. The barber bought one to dig and waited the moment to avenge the suffered cocaine.