Public Farm

These privileges elapse of the proper main function of the Public Farm to protect the public interest, therefore it exhibits a condition ' ' diferenciada' ' of the too much physical or legal people of private law. In the words of insigne doutrinador Leonardo Jose Sheep of the Wedge, above-mentioned: ' ' Accurately for acting in the process in virtue of the existence of public interest, its activity in the process in and the ampler possible way consults to the proper public interest to make possible the exercise of this most good, preventing unjustifiable convictions or incalculable damages for the State treasury and, of remaining portion, for all the collective that would be benefited with public services defrayed with such recursos.' ' 4 With the calls procedural privileges or as some they prefer ' ' prerrogativas' ' it intended the legislator, what he seems to protect the common wealth and the collective interest, of all and any harmful activity, here it is that, an eventual procedural recklessness on the part of a State attorney, would not only threaten its professional credibility, but also could try effective damage to the common wealth, reaching, thus, directly the interests of state being e, for saw reflected, all the collective. In this way, when the legislator intended to benefit or to privilege the Public Farm, it made express, the example of the differentiated stated periods to contest and to appeal foreseen, the necessary reexame, privileged execution, as already we speak above. Under this aspect, it is understood so that the Public Farm obtains to act in the best possible way, if becomes basic that enough privileges for in such a way exist, therefore when the Public Farm is in judgment, it it is defending the interests of the state treasury, then, when contesting an action or appealing of a decision, it is protecting the public interest.