Attorney General

I was promoted of substitute promoter for titular attorney general I directed and me for my first Judicial district, happy for knowing where it would be my doravante work. I received an inquiry where the Maria Pliers had killed the Elizangela. The two gave services in the Boate Vem That Has and the furniture of the crime was why ten Reals of Maria had disappeared. This, without tests, presumed that the author of the robery was the colleague of the easy life. The quarrel had end and the two ladies of the night had seated in the bank of the side of are to the wait of the eventual customers. The Maria Pliers, of surprise, cravou a knife in the chest of Elizangela, producing in it an assault and battery that evolved the death. In the interrogatory Maria she only counted on wealth of details the crime, disagreeing that she had assassinated Elizangela because of ten Reals.

The quarrel started in reason of the money that had disappeared, but was why it lowered me much that killed I it. My legs are embodocadas and them me they botaram this nickname of Maria Pliers, but everybody knows that I not taste. The defendant was condemned. The juries had recognized that it acted for violent emotion immediately afterwards the provocation of the victim, considerable cause of mitigation of punishment. In the jury I beat sufficiently in the defendant and said that he did not have the violent emotion and yes a cowardice act, therefore the quarrel I had ceased and Maria if he sets with a knife and of esfaqueado inopino the victim.

Before the judgment of Maria I stow visiting the chain I publish some times. It always revealed likeable, arranged well and cheirosa. The police station functioned without the integral presence of the commission agent and I age taken care of for the notary. I thought that Maria to impress was trying me and then I would catch more I have led against it in the Court of the Jury. I commented with the police woman this detail and she said me to it that he was not nothing of this. He spoke that he was alone to speak that the promoter would go to the chain that Maria if prepared all. Against-I argued saying that I would go to ask for the conviction of the defendant for doubly qualified homicide and the notary would see that would hate me to Maria after its conviction. In the jury I made my work and Maria was condemned the ten years of reclusion. Passed certain time I came back the Chain I publish for the routine inspection. He entered in the corridor and always he spoke with the prisoners for the gratings. I arrived ahead of the exclusive cell for the women and I came across myself with Maria as dantes: it dressed a dress red and it seemed that it would leave from there to go to the ball. Good day Maria. All good? Pretty red dress you this using! Doctor, underneath also the clothes is red. Pensei that you would be with ugly face after the jury, Maria. I know that the doctor tava making its work. Who must has that to pay. I was even so thinking that Maria did not have lost the love for the profession, continued acting as if it was in the Boate Vem That Has.