The guard was to relieve the other guard that was of service in the office of the attorney general, while this left to lunch. Thus, the substitute guard was in its rank and in this it passed, in the front of it, the solicitor, when the guard gave good afternoon to it and presented itself saying to be guard that would go to substitute, every day, the guard that served in the distribution, during the recess of it for the lunch. But the solicitor, very important, did not compliment the guard, limiting itself to look at it, to start for its feet until its head, and without saying nothing, he entered in the room of the real throne of its cabinet, let us say thus. thus every day the guard went to substitute its fellow worker and in the following day the solicitor passed again for it, but of this made guard, acertadamente, he did not compliment more it. In this, an employee of the office of the attorney general approached the guard saying that one Sir was the solicitor, saying it complimented who it, what the guard it said: ‘ ‘ It is the solicitor and I am the guard, but I am not obliged to compliment somebody that not me cumprimenta.’ ‘ this arrived at the knowledge of the solicitor whom it ordered to call the guard to its real cabinet when the hands of the solicitor had been extended to the guard that did not steal itself to compliment it. But it counts the history that certain done God wanted to come to the land stops in it living as a human being and ordered its son who was born of a Virgin and, as he says the bible, ‘ ‘ The Verb if made meat and inhabited between ns.’ ‘ With us a God lived boy, son of a carpenter, therefore very humble, therefore he could have been born in a rich home, but also he was born poor, as the majority of the human beings. During the 33 years that God lived as a human being it taught to the men some things, especially the humildade.

It taught that the last ones will be the first ones and that the ones that if exaltam will be humiliated and that the ones that if humiliate will be exaltados. These teachings make with that until the Pope, until today, in the ceremonies of the passion of Christ, it washes it kisses the feet of humble people How much to the solicitor, I find that it is in way certain must continue looking for to meet with the life, because the guard, this yes already met in the life and if the solicitor not to look right runs the risk to die without if finding. Finally, the God also said: ‘ ‘ one remembers that you are dust and todustretornars.’ ‘ With certainty all we will go, more days little days, for the tombs, where all we will apodreceremos and come back, as dry mud, to the dust of the land. Some that if judges expert more ask for to be cremados when to die, but they do not escape to come back to the dust, they make however it before most humble than still they will delay a little more to turn dust. LAI ALONE.