Brazil: "The Greatest Stock Market (Emergent) The World Investment "

Editor’s Note: the feast of raw materials in the world continues to bring happiness. We learned that Brazil has been placed as the first emerging market. His companies have obviously been boosted by the appreciation that these high commodity prices entail. Above Buffet revealed a preference for the Brazilian real, and is invested since 2007. Mayor pop + Buffet + investment grade possible: yes, Brazil is tempting. I can send your comments to: Brazil: “The Largest Capital Market (Emergent) of the World” Buenos Aires, Argentina March 4, 2008 In recent days, nothing has changed in the Brazilian capital market. Well, almost nothing. Only came a Citigroup report, which is home to Brazil as the largest emerging market in the world in terms of market capitalization displacing the Chinese capital market.

But believe me that this child is not news because it can generate an increased flow of capital into the Brazilian market. The Brazilian market reached leadership within the emerging thanks to booming demand for raw materials globally, resulting in a rapid revaluation of companies like Petrobras or Vale steel, while the capital market in China has undergone a correction valuations of companies. But most importantly for this story is that the value dimensions of Brazilian capital market, which most investors will be fixed in its market. To give you an idea of what I mean, this is similar to an unattractive face boy becomes a star football and immediately to grow the number of fans that struggle to draw your attention (in Argentina there many cases).