I perceived that to the influx of the Armed Forces the old police character of the combat to the dealers gained contours solemn, going up some points in the institucional hierarchy. Quer to say then that the simple presence of the Navy and the Army in the Mount of the German abolished the police character of the combat to the dealers? In this in case that, it speaks to us of this transistion. If the combat to the dealers left to characterize a police action, characterizes now what? Before everything, I say that it more characterizes a graduated nobler action and. Of all the ways, we go for parts. LM gave then beginning to a long communication. It said: I invite to agree them it with me, since soon, where the historical scenes of the Mount of the German, where the Navy and the Army appear ‘ ‘ auxiliando’ ‘ the Policy in a typical police operation, constrangiam. constrangiam because, in the terms of the Constitution, the function of fits to the Policy and the Firemen; ‘ auxiliar’ ‘ after all the television showed to everything to the living creature and the colors that the constitutional order was kept: the Armed Forces to the front of the operations and the Policy, as it fulfilled, ‘ ‘ auxiliando’ ‘.

The television showed the decisive moments where the myth undid this first constaint. Myth? That myth? the myth that placed the Armed Forces in the command of the operations, however this. They remember: the myth is a message. Vocs does not capsize? Initially some taxing speeches. Later, the ultimatum to the dealers. The ultimatum that determined the evacuation of the hiding places, ‘ ‘ while it had tempo’ ‘. From there, nobody in the full domain of its emotivas facultieses could doubt of that, finally, They are Jorge accepts the challenge to face the dragon.