China Spring

Strong flooding is expected in many regions of Russia. Olympic battles environmentalists and government officials. Pink snow fell in southern Russia. Climatologists and the un have recognized the error in climate report, China has acceded to the Copenhagen climate agreement. The greenhouse effect has contributed the origin of life on Earth. The highest waterfall in the world because of the drought turned into a trickle. Photofact week: Royal Park flowers. Overview of events for the week of 08/03/2010 to 14/03/2010.

Strong flooding is expected in many regions of Russia Experts predict that flooding in the spring of 2010 will be stronger than last year. Due to the cold and snowy winters of snow this year has accumulated quite a lot. And the ice on most of the rivers was thicker than usual. Serious flood situation is predicted in the Far East. There's spring flood will begin in late March. The probability of banking-the lowland areas of land, settlements, farmland and roads during the spring flood is not excluded throughout the Far East. But the most unfavorable situation may emerge in the Republic of (Yakutia), where the ice thickness on rivers above long-term averages. During the opening of the rivers and active melting snow it could lead to the formation of large ice jams, and dramatically raise the level of river water. As a result, during the spring flood in territory of the republic under the threat of flooding can get a few settlements. Rise in water level in rivers during floods in Siberia also be higher than usual.