Chinese Cultural Relationships

There remains an underlying problem between Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China. Both need to be understood, enabling a method of understanding where they can exchange their products (free market), and so live together peacefully: are Chinese people in both countries. Amazon understands that this is vital information. This is where the United States to intervene as mediators were working and reliable between the People’s Liberation Army on the continent and the political opposition in Taiwan. The president of the latter country, ChenShui-bian (DPP), in conjunction with the vice president, Annette Lu, have the following political ideology: they want to maintain economic and cultural relationship with China “policy, but a Estado to Estadoa , free trade liberal type, establishment of a democratic system to govern Taiwan, etc. That is, the two leaders advocate a somewhat nationalism reasonable It was not until the elections on March 22, as with the victory of KMT (took 79 of the 113 seats) seems likely to regain the presidency with their candidate front, Ma Ying-jeou. China with its political and economic steps, and giant feet, is developing a global capitalistic country: already have doctors, engineers, bankers, researchers, scientists, tycoons with fortunes inmensasa That is, a host of professionals they are raising the country a The Great Murallaa to new heights of wealth that will come later unreliable: it is the beginning of a story and certainly to another.

(If we use our common sense ” least common of the feelingly “we find that liberal democracies are better able to raise the living standards of their respective countries, and the ever-present, those communist and dictatorial regimes that still abound in our globe. It is always good that we are loyal to our traditions and inherited values, but introduce new ways and modes of thought to go, little by little, regenerating our lives and ideals. Yes, with respect and pleasure to others.) Do not forget for a moment that by the year 2020a “if the statistics are falsifiable ” China will become world power ” industrially speaking to you.” And certainly, USA cooperate for the smooth running of its own balance of payments: exports and imports, say, for the attainment of foreign exchange in its own territory. Politics always follows the economy. However, we see it so, America may not openly show their sympathy for Taiwan, it would become a deterioration of the ties of friendship, because it is desirable, China. Chinese and U.S. negotiators are working and calculator “when convenience s “, and expect to release the a world economic in the coming years. A war powers consider it enters both Utopian short and long term. So you can write something historian La Coruna, February 13, 2008 * Mariano Cabrero Barcena Copyright writer Mariano Cabrero Barcena Madrid, 11/08/1938 Married, two children and lives in La Coruna (Spain) Writer, poet and essayist Officer of the State Administration / High Scale, retired Works: “Journalism: Dificil profession!, 1995” My commitment to journalism, 1998, Reminiscences of my youth, poems, 1994-Misc death, dreams and memories, poems, 1995-The reality of my silence, poems, 1997-The journey of life, poems, 2001.