Commentary Fund

In turn, the citizens have for President Yanukovych less confidence. This trend demonstrates the results of a poll conducted at the end of the Razumkov Center April this year. In the case of presidential elections in the near future will support Viktor Yanukovych only 16.7% of Ukrainians. However, other policies cause people even less confidence: Yulia Tymoshenko gaining 13.3% of votes potential voters, Yatsenyuk – 10%. On the other hand, it is clear that if the president will wait to implementing the declared initiatives to improve life, he soon loses it and comparative advantage. Commentary Fund "People First": Perhaps the president during his speech, knew that the captain of a strong enough so that the ship was the right course. It's in the Soviet Union there was the illusion that the party general secretary sits at a large table surrounded by members of the Politburo and gives instructions for the proper execution of which then follows closely one of the most powerful secret services in the planet.

But it is meaningless to distribute in time when the state apparatus is focused on satisfying their own interests or private interests serving leadership. The level of bureaucracy, incompetence, corruption, irresponsibility and greed among the officials failed to reduce even carefully constructed chain of command. Any large organization must act with knowledge of their own mission, goals, and have strategy for achieving this goal and a set of tactics to implement the strategy. Each team member knows his place and duties, the organization constantly encourages him to be active and rewards diligence.