The Law

You live in a negative world, the decision to do so positive. 33. You live in a world of omens of chaos, decided to think of a better world. 34. Prepare for morning working well today. 35. Look beyond the stars, looking around you first, and striving to improve it, you can do it alone.

36. Despite all the negative, which is external, you can lead a positive life for support internally. St. Augustine at the time of his death he said: "All my life I searched for God outside and was within me." 37. Within you is the conscious mind is the source of thoughts, which only you can handle. Is your subconscious mind is the repository of the power that comes from the soul, and which governs the life and allows us to live consciously force the thoughts you can learn to program. Use the thoughts in ways that allow you to be the best programmer of your subconscious. Use the inner strength to make a better life abroad and work to achieve a better world.

38. YOU CAN DO IT. YOU ARE ABLE. ARE IMPORTANT. DEC? DETE NOW, DO IT NOW, and initiate change. So far I told you about the only way to intentionally use the power of The Law of Attraction. I say only because you use the technique you use (and believe me there are many to choose from!), The only way to use our creative power is through our subconscious. So the logical step is now to tell you about the techniques that humanity has used since the beginning of time to set your intentions in your subconscious and thus channel their power, but surely you've already begun to draw your own conclusions.