The changes of handling or exploration of the environment are not only in itself producing of new social relations e, therefore of social spaces, the ideology and the factor politician represent important paper in the formularization of these new environments. (SAINTS, C. 1997). The Units of Conservation while territories must represent important paper in the construction of a new learning of the relation man/half following a conducting wire of the experimentation for the valuation of the way, this valuation must be constructed by the perception and the concepts acquired in an educational process. The metodolgicos aspects of ambient perception tranfer for a search for the space experimentation of a person and after the group, a search of the directions, the meaning that if of to the space becoming it the place. The settling of the catarinense coast that more recently suffered the impositions from the environment that was constituted of unknown ecossistmicos aspects of the aorianos and Europeans in a general way, and in the destitution of the cultural traditions, and mainly in the malfadados projects of modernization of the field.

They now face the biocntrico impetus of the constitution of protecting spaces integrally in places has explored centuries, without consulting and clarifying the communities, that is, without its participation in projects of protection to the environment. To observe the contours of the convivncia with the way to a large extent consists of a etnogrfico work of impressions of the experimentation human being. Easily the human phenomenon of the experimentation is neglected and if they tie only to the work that marks the landscape. This action human being on the nature, the work, seems to comfort, perhaps in consequence of a economicista vision or a thought occidental person who permeia the constructions human beings and not really the man (TUAN, 1980). She is necessary to know of the places, but also as if of the direction to the place.