Every day the Cel. Plaisant ordered to distribute for the pobresa viseres: big cookie, coffee, to assucar, cod, meat secca etc; excused it will be to say that all were poor! The Cel. sortia Plaisant of the necessary merchandises the traders of the square, ordering to bring them of Curityba in its reasonable trucks and later yielding them it price to the traders. It was not having in the square a Real, said it who wanted to leave for where he entered and that he did not want to know. For where it entered and that atrz did not want tail. all the people of Apiahy falla with homesickness of the Cel. Plaisant! ' ' The notations made for the Foot. Prime Vieira Maria is important for the description of the Movement of Constitutionalistic revolution of 1932 ' ' now we have the Constitutionalistic revolution for our State.

Our zone is of new in war foot. Everything paralyzed; the fear everything dominates because the memory of the 1930 revolution still lives fresquinha in the memory of all. I have strengthenn for infusing spirit and courage the staff who to the few goes raising its moral. Ribeira, occupada for the Bandeirantes has been theater of some escavanas and also already of two small combats. In day 17 it had a meeting in the Paran enters the advanced destacamentos of recognition.

The Paranaenses had shone for the escape, leaving to the Bandeirantes 15 arreiados cavallos of race, 10 snaps and a prisoner. It consists that it lives, with enttusiasmo in the troops Bandeirantes, the idea to try the discovery of Curityba.' ' Alzira owner Branches Baptist, with 81 years of age, all lived in Ribeira. In the room of its house, she helps to reconstitute to the history of the small pacato city of Ribeira on the Revolution of 1932. ' ' Something was very terrible.