Proper Nature

Then, most sensible and honest to make it is, simply, not to publish the workmanship that if constitutes instant offence to the beliefs and principles Biblical-doctrinaires of the public which if destines. Dake, to all evidence, does not share of the vision theological-doctrinaire of the Assembly of God in some points, many of them unnegotiable central offices and for the Christianity. It is what it happens, for example, with the Cristologia, the basic Soterologia, Trindade and other doctrines. Relation the Cristologia, Dake believe that, the spite of what it teaches the Bible, Jesus if would have become Son of God at the moment of Its incarnation, and Messias for occasion of Its baptism in the river Jordo. Position anti-Biblical and condemned clearly by the Christian Church already in its primrdios, and today adopted for the Witnesses of Jehovah, is known as ' ' Doceptismo.

The Soterologia taught for Dake is, similar, divorced the Biblical parameters. According to it, not obstante perpetual life to be one dom gratuitous of God, it, in turn, is insufficient to operate the salvation in the individual. If the Cristologia and the Soterologia de Dake are contradictory, what not to say of its positioning in relation the Trindade and the Proper Nature of God? Completely opposing to the assembleiana conception about the Trindade, Dake advocates that the Father, the Son and the Espirito Santo possess, each one of them, body, soul and spirit. E, as if it was not enough, the only difference between ' ' corpo' ' of God and the body of the man is that the body of God is composed for a substance spiritual and the body of the man, for a material substance. For everything this, and a infinity of other anomalies not mentioned here, the Bible of Dake Study becomes harmful and antagonistic the position Biblical-theological-doctrinaire of the Assembly of God, not representing, for no bias or angle, the theological thought of the Classic Pentecostalismo represented by the Assembly of God in Brazil. its publication, one year before the First Centenarian constitutes, nothing more and nothing less, that a desvairado act and inconsequente of who, having to engrandecer the denomination for its rich contributions for the Kingdom of God and the history of the Church in Brazil, of the one shot in the proper foot.