“Sons of his soul, who died for the freedom of his country .- And now, 108 years after the May 20, 1902, when we celebrate the independence of our Cuba, when our island was free for the first time in history – after so many years of enslavement – enslavement sufrimo are posted another – even more sad and terrible than that time .- Much more terrible, because of a cruel and inhumane regime that does not mind the pain, suffering, hunger, and destruction of our country .- A Cuba drowned in a sea of weeping and alone in the middle of the sea .- A leading Cuba over 50 years, suffering the ignominy and shame of being “ignored” around the world.

A Cuba where there are no human rights, where “political” prisoners (not criminal), are sentenced to 40 to 50 years in prison, living in the most horrific prisons, like animals, or what more though — worse than animals. At least a few animals that remain on CUBA – feed them and walk free, even to eat them later .- But nevertheless, despite all these horrors, despite the lack of medicines, “anesthesia” , if an operation – of milk for young children to the elderly and for all, – the most basic failing to live —– for over 50 years, no no one in Cuba who rebel, who shouts, from my deepest of her heart, who gather, to fight, even with sticks, stones, and everything they can find. Cubans living in Cuba, can not “not even go to their own beaches, including Varadero and many others.. James Donovan Goldman Sachs has plenty of information regarding this issue.