Peter Klein

In terms of percentage kid took out in Germany there is no reality but that all parents of 207,000 children were criminal. let their children abuse or go to. Rather, the families of the authority arbitrariness of the youth offices are exposed. All concerned parents will be estimated after the abduction to bar pay maintenance for their deprived children. A monthly maintenance fee calculated per child so mostly low-earning parents / single parents of more than 2780,-euros. Of obvious manipulation of family, about various monitoring harassment on the part of the youth offices, up to the explicit children theft”parents must endure everything about themselves, says Peter Klein. The initiative called for among other things a quality assurance and EU control for youth offices, public proceedings in the family court, so that nothing under the table can be swept”, and an expedited court hearing on child entzuegen, so the initiative. Also, the family consisted not only of father and mother.

Therefore, also family members need to be included in custody cases. Children need a social and familial network, get healthy to be able to develop. It is therefore important that a child is in contact with both parents as well as grandparents. With these and other demands, the protesters on the street went around the theme of family destruction. Child theft and family destruction by youth offices in Germany go to everyone, so initiative founder Peter Klein. Today, we are only a small group, we will start a big demonstration with at least 300 participants in Siegburg, Germany in may 2013 I’m sure that the mainstream media from Siegburg will not report about this demonstration in the news”, tells us Peter Klein.

The critical citizen should ask now, why this is so? The answer to the question should be unique. Even if the allegations of concerned parents were wrong, would have to be reported in the media with a reply. Since this fails to materialize, is obvious, that the parents in law are. When concerned parents to start initiatives, organize demonstrations, their fall big and wide on the Internet expose and bring to the public, then these are reliable evidence that these parents are good parents who love their kids about everything and which happens to horrific injustice and suffering as well as the affected children. We will closely follow the case!