Czech Crystal Chandeliers

Bohemian Chandeliers – play of sunlight in combination with the light from lamps give birth to just a stunner, full of extraordinary and dazzling iridescence of light flux. Crystal chandeliers from the Czech Republic is so refined and refined that to deny myself the pleasure to have them in your home can not be any connoisseur of the classics. Preciosa – is the oldest manufacturer of crystal chandeliers, founded in 1724. Preciosa Crystal chandeliers adorned in their time chic and pompous interiors of Louis XV, the Russian Czarina Elizabeth, but today they are a bright accent to the building of the famous La Scala and Rome Royal Opera. Preciosa – is synonymous with exceptional luxury, celebration and complex of intricate shapes. Czech crystal chandeliers of the brand, of course, have to play the solo part in any expensive interior.

Bydzov – a company with a rich history, which produces real crystal masterpieces, always eye-catching its exclusivity and pomposity. Throughout its existence the company has constantly Bydzov accumulated skills and secrets of truly high-quality Czech crystal – an unusually clear, refined and charming for its luxurious and rich appearance. Today, the Czech chandeliers Bydzov – this is a true delight for all connoisseurs of this Bohemian crystal. Company Artglass, which started its activity in 1993, is a manufacturer of high quality lighting fixtures and chandeliers made of crystal and metal alloy and enamel. Still, the luxury crystal and Czech crystal chandeliers sparkle Artglass can not be overlooked. After all, the foundation popularity of the company – consistently high quality crystal chandeliers and lamps made on the basis of modern technology, using both manual and industrial processing of crystal.

Traditional luxury crystal products in harmony with the new design solutions in the Czech chandeliers Artglass. Elite Bohemia – the new name in the world of Bohemian crystal, but rather the well-known and popular. 1996 – the year when the company was founded Elite Bohemia, which from its inception was based on a centuries-old heritage of Czech crystal masters. Today the company produces exceptionally high quality products made of crystal – chandeliers and lamps, while applying only manual labor, as in the good old days. Elite Bohemia – a young company that is not afraid of change and anything new, so feel free to use the current trends in the design of its crystal products, as well as actively collaborating with Swarovski. Czech Republic – a country where glass art traces its history from the 13th century already. And for all its existence it has constantly evolved, perfected methods of manufacture of crystal products, and Czech producers of today's crystal chandeliers are products that combine ancient traditions with modern ideas of beauty. But invariably, only one – the commitment to the classics with its special aristocracy and refinement. And all this – Bohemian chandeliers of crystal.