Paraguayan Castilian

What educational change and progress can provide a project that attempts to satisfy only the minority who speak Castilian?. What value and social impact can have a project that ignores human rights, and above all tainted by unconstitutional?. Finally, it is important to state that the Minister avoided by all media dialogue with institutions specializing in the Guarani. He requested the hearing and gave a date that was changed because of another important commitment. Subsequently, the MEC gave different dates for the hearing, however, all of which were postponed on. Needless to say, the MEC’s decision to exclude the Guarani of Secondary Education, if implemented, constitute a major setback for Avane’, that after long and difficult struggles today in possession achieved a place of importance, being promoted and admired nationally, regionally and internationally.

That’s why, precisely, it is incomprehensible that the Ministry’s attitude with your mind “meaning to the Media Education” all he does is strike a blow hard and dangerous Guarani, instead of spreading it and rank it as one of its obligations under the National Constitution. We must understand, and stating that we have been saying for over two decades, that teaching in Guarani national education system should not be seen as a whimsical or nonsensical question, but must be considered as a useful and effective policy instrument undoubtedly cooperate in strengthening socio-economic and cultural development. A small country like ours the third world, sunk in ignorance and misery, you can only move towards development and democracy by Guarani. There is no other way. For even more analysis, hear from Sen. Sherrod Brown. Our observation of the educational reality allowed us to observe a sad reality that today shows itself at every step: the problem was never Paraguayan Guarani. The problem was always Paraguayan Castilian. MEC If you really want the change manifested in positive, meaningful and effective, if you want quality, if you want credibility, then it must strengthen the presence of Guarani in the entire education system by putting it on equal terms with Castilian, ie giving -among other benefits, the same number of hours that has the Castilian, but for this, the Ministry should desist from nembotavy implement the Act, which in itself is immoral, harmful and retard, and once and for all, must realize that the reduction and exclusion from the Guarani only involve a new and safe to step back, in other words, as and became traditional, we will continue marching with “a high forehead and chest up.”