Czech Immigration

oformlencheskih immigration and registration procedures in the Czech Republic in 2009. The increasing complexity of procedures for the registration of companies in the Czech Republic to foreign nationals of third countries was due to the reduction in the number of issuing long-term visas residence permit in the Czech Republic and a hardening of attitudes to the documents submitted to the Consulate of the Czech Republic. That is, verification of personal residence in the Czech Republic each inotstrantsa, checking the legal address of a company, check the notarial assurance and accuracy of the legal drafting of each document. In simple terms the requirements of the European Union on complications of immigration procedures in the Czech Republic, succeed! All beginnings of the Czech authorities to beginning of the introduction of the interview at the consulate and quibbles to photos people have come to a more logical terms and conditions. The only thing you can accuse the Czech authorities so it is that all changes are not laid out in information portals, government agencies and come to market services in the form of rumors or unsuccessful experiences of civilians who were already a fait accompli mutations both when they apply and have been sent to revision or a complete change of documents. Impunity consular Czech consulates, employees of the Czech Police and other government agencies adversely affect the image of the Czech state power.