Mexico And Its Citizens

The comparison is not valid unless it is objective. For several years the Mexican government chose to make or convert Mexico into a tourism zone, ie make the main source of income comes from tourism, in fact is a good idea, since Mexico is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of scenery, culture, society and traditions, however, is not going to be a simple task, taking into account the culture of the Mexicans. Mexico is located exactly in the center of operations from Central America to the United States, that is, all the rhythms, fashions and cultures meet in Mexico, been doing this to Mexican society increasingly diverse and creating some problems make foreign tourists think twice before coming to our country to spend their dinerito.Se said that the Mexican public is the most demanding, also said that when you accept something you do with devotion, this has its pros and against, for we can say that many artists and new talent tend to come to Mexico to try their luck for use as a catapult and then venture into the United States, it attracts money, tourism and provides work for many people, contrary there are other things a little unpleasant, starting with the drug, the same way as a new artist comes along and try your luck then go to the land of Stars and Stripes used by drug traffickers to our country as a launching pad to go to northern countries, this involves violence itself, this is accompanied by gangs and unemployment are the perfect blend of chaos. .