Department Order Social Politics

The concern of the State is well-known Portuguese in curtailing the ideas would quepoderiam for the effective regimen in check, good before the inquisition arriving Portugal the books whose contents were had as ' ' falsos' ' or ' ' herticos' ' they jeram burnt. The justification for such act was defesados the good customs and of the faith. Curiously the censorship extended its antigacolnia to it, Brazil, now a republic would be palco of one ' ' new inquisio' ' , cujopapel of the church would be substituted by the State and ' ' new hereges' ' they are todosaqueles that they proclaimed/professed ideologies that did not compactuassem of regimevigente. Amazing to perceive the quo next we are of our lusitanos brothers, the similarities are clamorous in such a way of the cultural, linguistic, religious aspect and even though mazelas preconceptual. ASPREMISSAS OF the REPRESSION Returning to the Portuguese State after 1536 (beginning of the Portuguese inquisition), the historian Silvia Cortez when searching sobreo cited subject it says: ' ' (…) they had started to produce a society of mutiladosmentais.' ' (National Archive of the Tower of the Tumble. SILVIA, S.C cit., p.52).

Lamentably, in Brazil the new State and the dictatorship if had puted in charge here to also decriar a society of ' ' mutilated mentais' '. However the DEOPS (Estadualde Department Order Social Politics and) is created in December of 1924, years before the EstadoNovo, and its attributions did not take care of to the same ends that would posteriormentedefenderia with as much devotion. Initially this institution that is born nogoverno of Arthur Da Silva Bernardes, has with attribution to carry through to assure asegurana of the State, this department was on to the general Cabinet deinvestigaes. However sfora to assume role of utmost importance from 1937, where Vargas agregouatribuies to the policy politics that transformed it into the strong arm of the Estadocontra all those that of some form podessem to threaten the regimen.