Ambient Public Politics

PROBLEMATIC AND JUSTIFICATION This project has as objective to study the applicability of the public politics in the areas of biodiversities in the border Franc-Brazilian, as inductive of the viable development to the model of support for the state of the Amap and to keep the communities that if find around these ambient reserves with the same traditional standards. This proposal metodolgica that we consider in them to have as analysis base comes being applied in the state of the Amap, in the spaces of ambient conservation, through the National Park of the Orange Handle and the National Park Mountains of the Tumucumaque. Brazil and the French Guyana have if projected as control point in the international cooperation for the advantages of its rich biodiversity. Border regions face a series of socioambientais problems that nor always are worked in set for the neighboring countries. E, in the majority of the cases, a joint action is only capable to minimize or to decide certain questions. The focus in biodiversity will have to narrow the relations between Brazil and France in the field of Science and Technology, one politics will have been thought that establishes goals, mainly come back toward bioma of the Amazon region and repatriation of genetic data of the Brazilian flora. In this direction already an agreement of cooperation between the two countries exists where four priorities had been established: ) the territorial order, agrarian regularization and ecological and economic zoning; b) evaluation of the state of the natural resources of bioma Amazonian, as much of the Brazilian side how much of the French side, by means of the use of data and techniques of space comment, as well as land survey; c) energy valuation of the forest products and by-products of the transformation of the wood; d) management for the conservation and the sustainable use of forest biodiversity in a distribution joust equitable of the use of genetic resources.