Moscow State University Dmitry Davydov

Hello! Here is a desire to try to play Second Life in the good old game 'Mafia'. Mafia – the team is a psychological turn-based role-playing game with a detective plot, which simulates the fight informed about each other members of an organized minority, with the unorganized majority. The game was invented in the spring 1986 student of psychology at Moscow State University Dmitry Davydov. The essence of the game is fairly simple, in the city (for example 'Berezhki') lives, ie, plays 10-15 players. Of which 3.5 mafia, and a detective. The others – civilians. Roles are given in a random way. That's two teams – the peace and the detective on the one hand, the mafia on the other.

Feature teams mafia – they know each other. Peace is people do not know anything. Every day, from 8-00 to 24-00 all people are discussing and offering leading someone to jail (like looking for Mafia), the Mafiosi, too, are participating in this debate masquerading as civilians. If most residents Berezhkov (50% +1 vote) voted for a certain candidate, then the resident sits in jail (read: out of the game). But from 24-00 to 8-00 – in Berezhkov the night. Then in comes into play detective and mafia. Mafia night sends the leading candidate, whom she decided to kill him, if 50% +1 vote Mafia falls per resident, the resident is killed (ie out of the game). Detectives at night may ask a leading role as a true citizen, and leading give him a truthful answer.