Deputy General Director

According to Elena Dhari, director general of the fitness center “Marcus Aurelius”, it must meet several conditions: to have a free layout, ceiling height – from 3,5 m. There must be a modern engineering communications, as well as good systems for climate control and air conditioning. In that case, if you plan a swimming pool, a list of criteria increases, says an expert.

2. Planning. In some cases, decisions on an open space. However, if both offer classes of different species, when planning is necessary to provide isolated rooms. As a solution to two problems – visual openness and sound insulation Sergey Maltsev, Deputy General Director of “Astarte prestige”, a leading manufacturer of partitioning systems, proposes a translucent design. 3.

Wall. Uniform requirements for materials and designs in favor safety. “For example, the translucent walls used designs tempered glass, – says Sergei Maltsev. – It can withstand heavy loads. If it accidentally fall sports equipment, sheet breaks up into small pieces without sharp edges. ” 4. Floors. Covering a modern fitness and aerobic rooms must meet high standards: to withstand different loads, not to be slippery. Also, it must be the most injury-. Therefore, preference is given to materials with high shock absorption and elasticity, combined with flexibility. A classic choice for aerobic rooms – this tree. In Many gyms often use synthetic materials such as linoleum. They have good cushioning and shock absorption. 5. Lighting. Its in the fitness center to do quite bright, it is related to engaged in vigorous activity. A man must see himself and the trainer, if necessary, and instructions to him. 6. Clean air. Sporty atmosphere is formed not only by light but also air-conditioning system. Its effectiveness depends on competent design. Equipment should be evenly distributed throughout the room. Bugs threaten to turn into a wind blowing in the halls. 7. Sanitary facilities. If it starts fintes center, as well as theater, with a hanger, then ends with a peculiar – a shower. In smaller establishments booths sometimes placed directly in the locker room. But experts say “the prestige of Astarte, the best option – equipped with a separate room for water treatment.