Fighting Corruption

Corruption at all from the Latin meaning corrumpere – 'defile. " That is, use their official powers for their own purposes. Official – a representative government. In general, corruption can be found in almost everywhere. No it only in places where there is no competition or benefits.

But such places do not know. And so, with what you want to start in the fight against the worst enemy of the world? Three ways to fight corruption? 1) This course consistency. That is, if one person wants to reduce the phenomenon of corruption, I think he has neither of which will not work. But if he will unite around a circle, then maybe something happens. For example, what may be a businessman who has the confidence of the people, begins work against corruption – calls the police is suing the people who take bribes. But thereby it facilitates the work of entrepreneurs.

But if he does not stop exposing more and to him joined by several like-minded people here then is corruption and bribery will be much less. 2) The second way is to increase the salary, I wrote about the second method, but I repeat. How does salary will help in the fight against Corruption? Elementary, if a person has money, then why would he risk it. Sooner or later, someone who takes bribes to get caught by the tail. We give an example, for visual display. To date, Russian universities graduate People with honors, but the knowledge they have not enough even to blue. This is due to the fact that teachers are taking money from students, and in the meantime do not learn the way their parents will provide them a future. Because of this, employers complain that knowledge of students coming to them, even with the best universities in Russia do not meet the requirements of the market, and they are forced to create their own corporate universities. And spends them on a very large transfer student learning mlr 500. rubles, these expenses exceed two times than all federal expenditures for higher education. 3) The third way is of course responsible. Just did against liability I can not say anything then. Our state is well worked at the expense of justice. But it did not worked on the realization of justice. Life situation. The girl was robbed by two villagers in front of her at home. After that, the mother of the villagers came to visit girl which was committed robbery. And said yourself that your address is sold to them at the police station, and there offered for 5000u.e. to dismiss the case. I will not be made to the details, but the fact that this investigator, who wanted to sell it or what did not.