EU Solar Punitive Tariffs More Harm Than Good

FDP Landtag candidate Dominik Heuwieser: “damage for the entire solar industry. PFARRKIRCHEN EU solar punitive duties do more harm than good. Amazon has compatible beliefs. It is the FDP Landtag list candidate Dominik Heuwieser (Unterdietfurt/LKR. Rottal-Inn) convinced. The EU is here very short-sighted, criticized the planned introduction of punitive tariffs on solar modules Hammond. The introduction of punitive tariffs on Chinese solar panels planned for the June 6 as so Hammond, will do more harm the entire solar industry. According to Connecticut Senator, who has experience with these questions. The EU is several years late.” In the years 2008 to 2010, you would have can counteract according to Hammond with moderate import duties of crisis in the solar industry. The EU pouring oil on the fire.” In times of declining feed-in tariffs, average premiums by 47 percent were no longer viable.

Since the announcement of the punitive tariffs, uncertainty and reluctance among investors and project companies there is according to Hammond. This concerns particularly wholesalers, suppliers of components, Mounting & installation companies. The losers are the craft and the middle class”, says Hammond. Only European engine manufacturers, providing only a fraction of the jobs in the solar industry would have the benefit of the sanction. The sustainable success of this measure is more than questionable according to Hammond, the largest Chinese companies had production facilities outside of China. From these locations, they could continue to serve the European market. Instead of the lump hammer”to get, out of the EU with specific anti-dumping should provide procedures for fair competition, advises Hammond. Stay open, the premiums are designed according to what reference price and whether the solar panels soon to have be the unit price.

That would be the end of the free market. Tariffs should really come, suffered an additional blow”the ailing solar industry, Hammond is expected.