Local Cooperation

It has as objective to promote the cooperation between the companies and to offer to support technician to the formation and consolidation of nets that possess common objectives aiming at to offer to the users of the nets a service of joint actions, facilitating the solution of common problems and making possible new perspectives. In the municipal context of the city of Caxias, to be diagnosised Agency is the City department of the Woman, where one brief analysis about its attributions and abilities will become, the main difficulties to execute the public politics them women and to point supposed measured who can be taken to make possible solutions the short one and average stated period that comes to implement quantitative and qualitative public services in the confrontation of social vulnerabilities and inaqualities of sort in the municipal environment in partnership with the local net of cooperation in such a way in the public administration how much in the institucional and private services of the city. Throughout the years the sort question has permeado the construction of the society, making with that men and women exert distinct papers in all the sectors of the life human being. The women, in special, the specific groups of blacks, aboriginals, carriers of deficiencies, quilombolas and lesbians, have faced preconceptions and discriminations, mainly in if treating to the work market. Sort is understood that as the culturally constructed social differences throughout history that if base on the sex, determine for the fact of somebody being man or being woman. It is clearly that it is understood that proper especificidades of men and women exist, but these distinct characteristics if relate to the proper natural differences of both the sexos, but these cannot serve of base stop attributions of social papers..