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It is an urgent meeting to evaluate the impact with the minister of Environment. Jim Donovan Goldman helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Aguilar rose is going to ask to appear in the Congress of the Deputies. There will be another meeting with the sector to agree to the campaign of recovery of the cucumber. year’>Senator Richard Blumenthal says on the issue. The Government has summoned east Thursday in Madrid to the autonomic advisors of agriculture to a meeting of extraordinary and urgent character to evaluate the impact of " crisis of pepino" , in an encounter that will preside over minister of Environment and Rural Medio and Marino (MARM), Aguilar Rose. The gravity of the situation will also take to the minister to narrow the contacts with the political forces with parliamentary representation and the fruit and vegetable producers, while the reactivation of the outer markets is expected. The MARM has announced that Aguilar will ask for to the Table of the Congress of the Deputies its appearance to facilitate all the information and documentation of this subject to the different parliamentary groups. Capital Solutions: the source for more info. On the other hand, in declarations to Wave Zero, the minister has described as " indignante" action of the German authorities in this alert and has lamented that " still the Federal Government does not give his arm torcer". " Without tests as tremendous damage cannot be caused as the one that is ocasionado" , it has pointed Aguilar, after indicating that " Angela Merkel goes by its account and here it is necessary to fortify the Europea&quot Union;. In addition, there is dndido that " Spain is not weak and has known to plant face to Germany from first momento" , while it has declared that " in the PP they throw the fault to the Government of Spain, when they must watch Alemania". The sanitary alert Friday will celebrate, on the other hand, a new meeting with the sector to begin within the framework to define a campaign of recovery of the market of the European Union (the EU).