Federal Insurance Supervision Service

Purchased Brand of the Year. " Proplachennye reliability ratings. Custom PR-articles. Dear offices and loud slogans. Main sponsors football and hockey teams. Showbiz stars. Curtained advertising city. Littered with ads tv and radio broadcasts.

Once all this is not an indicator of attitude towards customers. People's ratings are full of negative reviews on a particular insurance company. Here Naham, there do not pay, here are held up at 3 months of payment. Only championships in football sponsorship, which are the largest insurers, held regularly. Better pay would be the same regular as championships. Insurance companies have already lost the market en masse, and the Federal Insurance Supervision Service just throws up his hands. We supposedly did not know that the companies problems.

Complaints insurers Russian Union of Insurers do not consider. Require paper disappeared from the company (!). Courts overwhelmed claims to insurance companies, but even by court order companies refuse to pay. It is not clear why we need these regulators. What kind of legal state, the politicians say when such a mess going on in separate taken branch. Gone are the winter ice hockey championships, ahead of spring. Insurers are again asking the government money. For what? To the new Russian Premier League? On March 25, 2009 raised the cost of compulsory motor tpl insurance by about 20%. And we are told, that it is unprofitable. The average broker commission to Moscow 30%. How osago may be unprofitable, if companies are willing to give 30% of the fees? In our country, just so made a big business: the profit to them, and losses us. I fundamentally believe that sport should deal with athletes, and insurers must deal with insurance. Of course, in this article, I do not solve problems but can no longer remain silent about them. Client insurance company was just a scapegoat, he can be rude, it can even send and nothing to pay. You can zamorochit his campaign to the courts. Or this option, the company distributes the policies right and left at 40% commission, and then when you Come for the payment, you say: "This policy is not in our database, sort it out without us." And this client? This is generally not the problem! And the imposition of banks to insurance companies? fas regularly they are fine, but nothing changes. Banks continue to offer insurance they have, or will refuse to credit. Insurance through the bank stands at 20-30% more expensive than directly. I wonder why? Insurers are constantly underestimating the amount of payments under various pretexts. In the calculations, taking the average cost of standard hour for the region. The region we have a lot The court has banned under fas payoff into account wear and tear, but insurers continue to do so. Foxy insurers are willing to spit on the laws, court decisions, to clients Dear insurers, hear us! We are your customers, we will pay you money. We want to solve our problems. If you do not reason with, we are cleaned up. ps The purpose of business is to create and retain customers. So wrote the management guru Theodore Levitt. Once all is quite the opposite.