Municipal Representative Republic

Community is that synergy generated by the multiplication of interactions face to face, “which contributes to the quality of life, which paradoxically is not over charged for their own beneficiaries and generators. It is not because of Angelized people living or demonize these settlements, as did Dertouzos in the Peyton Place of its “The cauldron of the devil”, but the low population density, allows for greater deployment of the respective individuals ( “Small is Beautiful” a book titled Schumacher in 1973. This potential has not gone unnoticed by some public or private institutions. It is most known attempts to exploit this potential. This is the case for the existence of Municipal Law Institutes in some universities National Rosary for example, Littoral, silver and Cordoba, as well as the existence of the Federal Institute of Municipal Affairs, which runs for just over a decade in orbit of the Ministry of Interior of the federal government.

Without bypass mode any constellation of existing government, framed in the Constitution, appear as contributors to the purposes set forth herein, the terms “Municipal Representative Republic”, and “Federalism Communalist “timely raised by Alejandro Korn Villafane and Saul Alejandro Taborda, respectively. Similar direction are the lines of promoting so-called “local development” by international agencies as well as the “subsidiarity principle”, promoted by the Social Doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church, in subsequent papal encyclicals, as that: “what can the community do not make it smaller the larger community.” These coincidences, lie in the recognition of the problems generated by the metropolis, has long been considered as causes of uprooting, and depersonalization..