Fiscal Association

The financial crisis is had by the banks on the automotive industry. To know more about this subject visit Ohio Senator. Many medium-sized IT companies identify opportunities for 2009. This comes from the results of a survey result which was carried out and now presented on the occasion of CeBIT since January of this year by the Association of IT-Mittelstand to the financial crisis. Around 100 decision-makers from small – and medium-sized enterprises in the IT industry were interviewed. 75% of the companies surveyed was evaluated by 2008 as a successful year, while only 6.7% achieved any good results. For the other companies was neither a success nor a business of loss of. In contrast to this mostly positive balance sheet for the year 2008, forecasts for 2009 are not equally confident, if also much better than the embassies of other industries. After all, nearly 21% of companies believe are, the year 2009 will be successful for you and more 44.4% of respondents indicated that they expect a satisfactory year.

The remaining 40% estimate the next year a less optimistic. Among them, but only 9.5% fear a very problematic year. Whether currently impact the financial and economic crisis in the company to notice, for example, the loss of jobs or the insolvency of customers, 54.1% denied, whereas the remaining 45.9% in the affirmative. As indicators of the business expectations, also the marketing budget and the personnel policy for 2009 were discussed in the poll. Despite the general economic situation, only a few companies want to reduce their marketing budget in 2009. Nearly 80% provide consistent expenses for marketing. Also in the staff planning IT SMEs from the general economic trend are currently disconnected.

Even new personnel wants to add about half of the respondents. Another 14.6% will replace vacated areas. Only 29.7 percent plan no new settings or even a staff reduction. In addition, the majority of companies can their investment behaviour unaffected as yet.