Business Planning

Analyze competition, see what they are doing and how. Analyze your business idea in January. Do you have energy, self-reliance and entrepreneurial skills? 2. Able to focus on the goals needed to start a business address? 3.

Are you willing to take risks, to take risky decisions and take the consequences? 4. Do you have the financial resources? 5. How long are you willing to invest in your venture? 6. Does your business idea offers something unique? 7. Does your product or service is viable to be offered on the Internet? 8. Does your idea is scalable and has the ability to adapt quickly to dynamic changes as the Internet? 9. Have you analyzed the competition? 10. You are the first to enter the market? 11.

Have you identified ways in which his idea can exploit the inherent advantages of the Internet as a means of doing business? a. -) You must understand the competitive advantages of your business to your customer and their weaknesses. We are finding great benefits by electronic business. You can increase sales and bring the local operations of a global one, we can improve internal efficiency and productivity of operations, we can significantly improve customer service and open new channels of communication with both suppliers and customers. Just as there are advantages there are also disadvantages. TRADERS: Advantages: 1. Increased business opportunities and sales. 2. Decrease in cost of trading. 3. It allows them to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. 4. Allows them to reach market segments that can be distributed in different geographical areas. 5. The exchange of information is much faster and precise. 6. Can meet multiple buyers and sellers in one virtual market Disadvantages: 1. Internet technology is constantly changing. 2. The bandwidth or the ability of telecommunications companies is insufficient. 3. Difficulty of integrating systems currently used with those used in electronic commerce. 4. Problems in maintaining security and stability of the system. 5. Is confronted with language barriers, political environment, conversion to different currencies. 6. There are loopholes in many areas of the new economy. 7. Lack of qualified technical personnel a BUYERS Benefits. Increased availability of products and services. 2. Receive personalized information and ‘to measure ‘. 3. Ability to buy 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 4. Access to global markets. 5. Immediate release of digital products. 6. Speed of information. 7. Can make informed decisions before making any purchase Disadvantages: 1. Concern about issues such as transaction security and privacy. 2. Lack of confidence in dealing with unknown merchants. 3. Inability to see products, touch and feel before buying. 4. Resistance to new purchasing processes. 5. Distrust of the transactions ‘paperless’ (e) and payment systems. Any proposal must follow technical trading is the paradigm of persuasion in texts: attention, interest, development and action. That is, the first thing is to capture their attention, then spark their interest, to enter into the development of the idea or service and then take action If you have your business or your business to undertake these online apply these techniques.